Cancer & Loss

On the 10th October 2017 my husband and fantastic daddy to our 2 children Chris, devastatingly and suddenly passed away after a nearly 2 year battle with cancer, aged just 35.

On Christmas Eve 2015 Chris was finally diagnosed a rare form of bone cancer, Ewing Sarcoma, after being treated for gout for almost the whole year. Ewing’s is so rare that there are only up to 75 cases of Ewings in the UK each year and the majority of those cases are in adolescents. Throughout 2016, he went through a gruelling treatment schedule. 14 rounds of intense chemotherapy and the amputation of his left leg.

The outcome was good for him when he rang the bell at Christies to signify the end of treatment in November 2016. There was no evidence of disease and it looked like the chemotherapy and surgery had worked. He was up walking on a prosthetic leg unaided in record time. Unfortunately, at the end of January 2017 we were told the unimaginable news, less than 2 months from finishing treatment the cancer had returned. He had a large tumour on a verterbae and 2 small tumours in his lungs.

Chris was a fighter, he had a further course of chemotherapy which worked and shrank the tumours over 6 courses by almost 60%. On the last scan at the end of the treatment a 3rd lung tumour had grown from nothing at a previous scan 6 weeks earlier, to almost 5cm. This tumour would be the one that would eventually cause his death, less than 4 months after being found.

We decided to document our journey through video diaries and blog posts (from my perspective.) Chris was also filmed for a channel 4 documentary ‘Fighting Cancer: My Online Diary’ which was aired during the channels Stand Up 2 Cancer week.

We are now trying to navigate through life dealing with his loss, our bereavement and our grief without letting it swallow us up. Trying to lead a life that he would be proud of and ensuring that both our children have all the adventures and fun they deserve. The videos and blogs will continue  showing the good, the bad, the memories and how we live our lives as a family with the loss of someone we love very much.

I hope to open the conversation and give an insight about cancer, it’s treatment and the effects on the person, their family and friends and dealing with loss, bereavement and grief, whilst also continuing to live. So hopefully if another family is going through something similar they may get comfort in knowing that they aren’t alone.