Our Cancer Story

On Christmas Eve 2015 we were given the devastating news that my husband Chris has a rare form of bone cancer, Ewing Sarcoma. So rare that there are only up to 75 cases of Ewings in the UK each year and the majority of those cases are in adolescents. Throughout 2016, he went through a gruelling treatment schedule. 14 rounds or intense chemotherapy and the amputation of his left leg.

When he finished treatment in November 2016 the outcome was good, there was no evidence of disease and it looked like the chemotherapy and surgery had worked. Unfortunately, at the end of January 2017 we were told the devastating news that less than 2 months from finishing treatment the cancer had returned. He has a large tumour on a verterbae and 2 tumours in his lung.

The rapid rate of return and growth so quickly after finishing chemo is worrying. We hope that further treatment will gain control of the disease to give him more time.

We have decided to document our journey through video diaries and blog posts (from my perspective), showing the good, the bad and how we live our lives as a family with a family member undergoing life changing cancer treatment.

As well as blog posts the video diaries will be on my YouTube Channel.

We hope to open the conversation about cancer the effect treatment has on the person and their family, which is still so difficult to talk about, and hopefully if another family is going through something similar they may get comfort in knowing that they aren’t alone.