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With our heavy hearts

My heart is heavy Part of it now broken for those I’ve never met We are left with questions that can’t be answered Left wondering what the world is coming to What the world will look like when our children are grown Cowardly souls with mission to steal innocence, freedom and lives Murderers whose only… Continue reading With our heavy hearts

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To Tell Time

Life doesn’t stop When the unimaginable happens. The days keep moving forward Away from life before Then starts to fade into memory. The world keeps turning People continue to lead their lives Life does not stop. There’s still work and school and bills to pay Washing to be done, dishes to be cleaned, food to… Continue reading To Tell Time

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It’s thanks to them

I’ve been building it For as long as I can now remember. Going through life creating it without acknowledging it was happening. My Village. I have always known it was there, present Purposeful Needed. I know that I am lucky Lucky to have my life so enriched Lucky to have been drawn to them and… Continue reading It’s thanks to them

Dealing with Cancer in the Family · Thoughts and More

Then Before Now

Sometimes I miss my life Life before all of this Our life then The feeling of loss catches me off guard It becomes overwhelming The loss of then, the loss of dreams The simplicity of our existence I miss my worries being forgettable I miss carefree days that didn’t feel wasted I miss not feeling… Continue reading Then Before Now


A Jumble of Thoughts

My thoughts jump. From negative to positive From hope to despair From darkness to light From planning to living in the moment. Then back again. The cycle repeats. The thoughts repeat. Caught in a tornado, continually growing Trying to destroy No where for them to go. No release. They’ve got stuck And my brain has… Continue reading A Jumble of Thoughts