Dealing with cancer in the family

Take Everyday as it Comes

I’m going to let you into a little secret about how I’ve got through the majority of the year. I stopped thinking long-term. We like to think long-term don’t we. Us humans. We have a picture in our heads about how our lives, in general, will turn out. We like to imagine what it will… Continue reading Take Everyday as it Comes

Poems and Prose


In quiet moments ‘tween reality and dream, The world sleeps And time seems to slow. I stand. Soul not alone Under the inky night sky. My heart fills With thoughts to tomorrows That may eventually come. I’m bathed in flickers, A galaxy of twinkling lights. Bright beacons of hope. Each one a reminder, Without darkness… Continue reading Hope

Dealing with cancer in the family

You’ve just got to get on with it

Until you are faced with the unimaginable you can’t comprehend ever having to deal with it. You hear, watch and read about awful, heartbreaking things happening to other people, other families, other people’s children. Illness, accidents, loss. If you’re like me, your heart hurts just thinking about it. Although you don’t fully understand what they’re… Continue reading You’ve just got to get on with it

Month in a Minute

Month in a Minute – September 2016

September was a month of getting back into a routine. Me back to work and commuting, after a week working at home due to shingles, and the kids back to school and nursery, although the small one still went to nursery during the holidays. It was less busy compared to some previous months. There’s been… Continue reading Month in a Minute – September 2016

Poems and Prose


Comforts found When pure souls Choose to guide us Gently To freedom If vision blurs And thoughts bleak Untold powers released In simplicity of act and words Shining light on shadows cast We no longer feel alone. Friend and stranger Stood together Kindness alleviating pain Healing damaged hearts Engulfed with love Comforts found So we… Continue reading Comfort