Dealing with cancer in the family

In Departments

We park in car park D. Usually we go in past department 1 Where people are treated during the day But if the weathers nice we’ll go up the road straight to department 42. Where each Tuesday starts. We wait near department 40 for bloods People wait near department 42 for transport home. It’s busy,… Continue reading In Departments

Poems and Prose


Caught unexpectedly, Ripped From there The safety of shore. Swept up In a sea Of doing, seeing, feeling Being. The Horizon distorts As waves crash, Submerging each Into the unknown. Light merged with dark Sky seen beneath, Tossed and turned Mixed in the swell. Fighting for breath For life, We float On the ripples Pulled… Continue reading Motion

Everything Else

Being a Blog Awards Finalist – when you feel like a small fish in a big pond

I love coming here and having a space to clear whatever is going on in my head. I have always loved to write, to create pictures, make people laugh (sometimes) and evoke emotions with the words I type on the page. I write from my heart, always. I write what I’m feeling and thinking, I… Continue reading Being a Blog Awards Finalist – when you feel like a small fish in a big pond

Dealing with cancer in the family

The leg is home.

In the early days of Chris’ diagnosis I was very black and white. The leg had to go. It was easy for me to say, it wasn’t my leg, my life. But for me it was simple. If the leg as it was stayed, infested with a tumour taking over, damaging bones, nerves, muscles, trying… Continue reading The leg is home.

Poems and Prose


Within days Passing by at speed, Blurred together, Indistinguishable From each to the next. Remember, To look for light, In a fog created By the collision of Memories, thoughts and dreams. Remember, Love completely, Those hearts That hold hands When we feel alone. Remember, Happiness resides, Always. Seen in flickers Of simple joys. Remember, Battles… Continue reading Remember