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Tell Them Right Now

Life moves fast. It’s Monday, then you blink and it’s the weekend again. Weekends are over in an instant. Weeks fly by. Months blur into months, Years into new years. You wonder where the time went. How you got to this point. You want time to slow down. Along the way, in moments, you spend… Continue reading Tell Them Right Now

Dealing with cancer in the family

The Opposite of Easy

It’s been hard Hard to watch him in so much pain. Hard to see his face contort in anguish as he struggles to find comfort. Unable to find any relief. Unable to get a break. The tumour in his back now pushing on nerves. ‘Causing pins and needles then shooting pains thorugh his body, to… Continue reading The Opposite of Easy

Dealing with cancer in the family

Cancer is a Stupid Idiot

I made my daughter cry. My heart was broken and I was breaking hers. To make sure she would be able to deal with what the future might hold. Because I had promised her a year ago I would always be honest with her. So she knew what was going on, in the hope that… Continue reading Cancer is a Stupid Idiot

Dealing with cancer in the family

For Every Win there is Loss

I don’t really know what I expected to feel. When Chris’ treatment was over. Maybe I was expecting excitement, relief, joy, I was definitely expecting to feel something. Instead I just felt kind of, numb. I’d never allowed myself to think about the day his treatment would come to an end. It had always felt… Continue reading For Every Win there is Loss