Dealing with Cancer in the Family · Thoughts and More

Another Coffee

I didn’t drink coffee before all this started I was strictly a tea girl. You can’t beat a good strong cup of tea Well brewed and piping hot. Hospital tea is neither of those. The hospitals I’ve become a regular at all have a costa or Starbucks consession now What the people demand and all… Continue reading Another Coffee

Dealing with Cancer in the Family · Thoughts and More

A Smile that Reached his Eyes

I had missed him. I hadn’t realised until I saw it. A Smile His smile. He smiled and he meant it Really meant it. He smiled and it filled his whole face He smiled and it reached his eyes He laughed at a little joke and the laugh was involuntary, Not a planned reaction to… Continue reading A Smile that Reached his Eyes

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No good comes from hope

It’s not good for me It creeps in, a little at a time Normally during times of relative calm Without me even noticing until it’s too late Until it’s at the forefront of my thoughts Clouding judgement and sensibility Hope I need to give up on it It’s a feeling I can’t control once it’s… Continue reading No good comes from hope


MOKURU – The latest Fidget Toy Craze

Brace yourselves. There’s a new fidget toy craze in town. The MOKURU. Hailing from Japan and already a big hit all over the place, it launches in the UK on the 7th July We were sent this recently to try out, see what we thought of it, see whether it lived up to the hype.… Continue reading MOKURU – The latest Fidget Toy Craze

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With our heavy hearts

My heart is heavy Part of it now broken for those I’ve never met We are left with questions that can’t be answered Left wondering what the world is coming to What the world will look like when our children are grown Cowardly souls with mission to steal innocence, freedom and lives Murderers whose only… Continue reading With our heavy hearts