There was before

When life was simple

When we laughed freely

When things were easy

With no worries, or worries that are now insignificant

When you were not missing from us

When my heart was whole.

Now there is After

Now I am lost

I look for myself, for peace

I am learning how to live through the waves of grief

And living this life without you

A life that would make you proud

100s of feelings, thoughts, experiences, fears

That all came After

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

5 thoughts on “After

  1. Listened to every word and you are doing a fantastic thing for other people who are going through a similar journey. Look forward to the next one. Take care. Viv
    Your podcast will be a huge success.👍

  2. “The sneaky little feckers” – that raised a smile. You are one strong lady, talking about your experiences that you just shouldn’t have had to go through, in such a brave and straightforward way. Wishing you and your family ongoing strength and happiness x

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