I want to climb Mountains

I want to climb mountains

I want to look down on the world from above

For my breath to be taken away

By the beauty I see below.

I want to walk in meadows of wildflower

Spend time on hidden beaches

Listening to the gentle crashing of the waves

Feel soft sand slip through my fingers.

I want to stand on hills and let the sun beat down on my face

Spend time surrounded by light.

I want to walk through forests

Leaves crunching under foot

Hear birds chirping in the trees.

Feel the wind in my hair as the trees tell me their stories

And we search for fairies in glens.

I want to lie beneath the night sky

Wishing on stars thousands of stars

Dreaming of you.

I want to spend time with those we love

For there to be laughter and music and maybe some dancing

I want to hear stories of you

Hear your name spoken in easy conversation,

Creating memories I’ll keep locked in my heart

So you can keep them safe.

I want to live a life you’d be proud of

A life you should have lived.

A life full of adventure

Of magic

Of happiness,

For you, with you, my inspiration

Along with us for the ride


I want to climb mountains

Stand just a bit closer to heaven.

To see the views of the world below from the top

For my heart to be full

Of memories old and new

So we’re always closer to you.

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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