What does Love mean to me?

I know love

I am lucky

I have always known love

The love that comes with no conditions

The love that is given and received freely

From your person, from family and friends

I’ve seen ugliness imitating love

Weaponised, mistreated, only when it suits

Misused and forgotten and rotten

That’s not the love I want to know

Not the love I have come to know

The love I know takes many forms

Love is safety

Love is none judgemental

Even if it doesn’t agree

Love is accepting

Love listens

Love is in the kindness received

And shared in kindness given

Love is being grateful

Love is appreciating the little things

Love is the sound laughter

Love finds comfort in silence

Love is having fun

Love is not stuff

Love is not perfection

Love works hard

Love does not always have to see eye to eye

It doesn’t punish when it doesn’t.

I am learning to live through the last act of love

Grief is the price we pay

Love does not simply end

Love is feeling broken but carrying on

Love is found in those that sit with you in the dark

And celebrate with you in the light

Love is doing everything in my power to make my kids happy

Love is seeing them smile

Love is filling their lives with a million small adventures

Love is taking care of myself

So I can take care of them

Love is in the search for who I am now

Love is learning to cope with change

Love is not wasting this life

Love is keeping your memory alive

Love is realising how lucky I am to wake each day

Love is making you proud

Love is missing you

Love is Always



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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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