Making the most of an old school normal week

It’s not all bad on this journey we’ve been forced to take. Among the horror, the shittiness, the ever-changing emotions, the juggling, and the tension, there is still opportunity for normality. For calm. Our normal has changed, adjusted and will keep doing so as Chris’ treatment plan progresses. Last week was old school normal. It […]

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The curious incident of the fish in the bit drawer

Winning a goldfish at a fair

Something happened today which is completely unexplainable and for most of the day had us, well, baffled. A week or so ago the munchkin won a goldfish at a fair. She hit the bell on one of those hammer test of strength things. The guy was all, ‘don’t worry if you don’t ring the bell, […]

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A glance Through a sea of strangers A quick glimpse When unfamiliar eyes meet A silent pull Through visible barriers An energy Shared connection for that moment in time A shy smile Causing hearts to beat a little faster Mirrored, returned Warmth on cheeks as the blush reaches A glance, a smile A sigh Happy […]

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Having a nosy at Macdonald Kilhey Court

Pimms at Kilhey Court

I love a good nosy inside buildings and houses, when I’m feeling particularly bored I’ll pop onto estate agents websites to peek at the prestige homes. You know, the ones I’ll never be able to afford, just to nosy at what they’re like inside. So when I was invited to go and have a first […]

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I am the mum who …..

Diary of a FBG and her children

I was recently tagged by the lovely Claire at Six degrees of harmony to write an ‘I am the mum who…’ post. Ideas kept popping in my head for it so I thought it best to write them down quickly as I’m prone to forgetting these things. Thanks to Claire for the tag, I really […]

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