Ok let me introduce myself, i’m Becky. I lead a pretty normal life. I’m married, he’s a typical bloke who likes to go the pub watch football plays a bit of rugby, I have a little girl she’s 4, she’s bossy but hilarious, I have a nice house when it’s tidy which isn’t very often, I have a job which I actually don’t mind, the people make me laugh and I’m not too shabby at what I do. There isn’t much extrodinary about me. But i’ve been wanting to write a blog for a while. You know tell funny anecdotes about my life and what goes on. So i’m giving it a go.
Please bear with me, my spelling is often a bit to be desired and don’t even get me started on grammer!! I’ll write in full sentences and I won’t use text talk. I never LOL or LMAO, I laugh out loud or He He and I have certainley never laughed so hard my arse has fell off! I’ve laughed hard enough for a little wee to come out if i’m not careful but thats a completely different story and I need to get to know you all a bit first before I tell it!
So you know a little bit about me. With this blog you might learn a bit more about my life! Hope you don’t mind me too much 🙂

Comments make me Happy! Like cake does but with less calories

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