Goodbye Heels!

This weekend I will be experiencing a very rare events.

A weekend away from Mr C and the Kid.

They will be left to their own devices.

I have even left Mr C in charge of choosing clothes for the kid!

She will of course look like she has fallen into a pile of clothes at a jumble sale but I will not be there to bear witness and as long as he brushes her hair, it’s curly and he says he likes her to look a bit like a lion, I will not worry!

A girls weekend away.

Or women’s weekend. I’m not sure. Are we too old for it to be a girls weekend? I don’t know!

Anyway! The reason we are having a much needed break away is to celebrate my very good friends hen weekend!

I’m very excited!

It begins tonight and tomorrow we are going to the races.

There has been much talk this week of what we will be wearing, how we’ll have our hair, what time we’ll be getting there.

I’ve even had false eyelashes put on! Get me!

I threw all the bits I’d need in an overnight bag this morning. I’m always a bit last-minute.

My much more organised friends have been sorted most of the week. One nearly had kittens when I said last night I should start thinking about putting some bits together!

I would imagine she nearly hyperventilated when I informed her that the zip had broken on the only dress I had to wear!

Cue an emergency trip to the shop in my dinner hour today! Don’t panic I think I’m sorted for clothes.

I’ve packed what every girl needs, dress, PJs, Toiletries, Make up, Gin, headache tablets.

I’ll tell you what I’ve not packed though.


I’ve not packed any heeled shoes because I am giving up on them!

I’ve worn them, I’ve tried them, I’m done.

They just hurt.

I know they are pretty.

I know they will make me look taller.

I know that they will make my legs look thinner.

But really I don’t care if my legs look chunky or not! Or even if the whole outfit makes me look a little frumpy, there are chances. I’m not out to impress anyone, just to have a good time with my friends!

I will not be having a good time when my feet are burning after an hour and I look like bambi on ice whenever I try to walk anywhere!

Even with enough alcohol consumption to dull the pain it still puts me off getting up dancing.

So I have a very pretty, sparkly pair of flats!

I would prefer to be comfy!

I prefer to wear flats. I would prefer to just go out in a pair of trainers, or my slippers for ultimate comfort!

I’m definitely too old to be calling this a girls weekend!

Maybe I’m too old for dancing!

Oh god! I’m going to be surrounded by glammed up early 20 something trendies with the 8 inch heels aren’t I!

Sod it! I will just need to drink more Gin!

Have a good weekend everyone!



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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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