I’d travel to space, through the stars and beyond
I’d look down on Earth and know I belonged

I’d travel up mountains, down valleys, across seas
I’d fly through the sky and swim in the deep

I’d travel far, wide and stay close to home
I’d trek fields of flowers under the beating sun

I’d travel to cities all over the world
I’d walk in the wind and dance in the rain

I’d travel through deserts, through forests over shores
I’d be in awe at the lakes, animals, birds in the trees

I’d travel through time, to the past, see the future
I’d stop for a minute, really cherish the moment

I’d travel by train, by boat or by car
I’d walk, run, skip, crawl to wherever you are


Prose for Thought

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

5 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Lovely poem – I felt I was travelling all around just reading it – it has a great flow. xx

  2. I agree with Maddy, this has a wonderful flow to it. I love all of it, but the verses ‘I’d travel through space…’ and ‘I’d travel through time…’ are brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt and apologies for the very late commenting, I actually took some time off last week!

  3. This is fantastic! I really love how it flows. Strangely, I have written about Space this week. I have also featured your poem on this months BritMums roundup. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

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