Daisy Chains

What do you do when Mr C comes out of rugby retirement, again, you’re being a supportive family and watching him play but the munchkin, it turns out, is not that supportive and decides she’s bored? You use your quick thinking mummy distraction skills and scroll through the National Trusts 50 things list (I love this app a little more each time I use it), looking for an activity she might be able to do, of course! 

With 49 activities still to get through we had a lot of choice, some not possible on an open playing field. Then up popped daisy chain making! The field had lots of daisies dotted around, it’s a great time of year for them, this activity was perfect to keep her entertained and as soon as I told her it was another on the list she was all for it.

I remember being 6. Just. I can’t remember why I walk into a room sometimes, or what day it is but I can remember sitting on my primary school field making daisy chains and when the grass had been mown, nests out of the cuttings. Just me that did that? Ok then!

We had to start off with a bit of a tutorial on how to achieve the best chain. Pick from the bottom so the stem is long, use your thumb nail, have a little patience. Patience is something she often lacks, like most 6 year olds, but I’m pleased to say after a couple of false starts and ‘I can’t do its’ followed by my ‘there’s no such word as can’t you just need to practise’ she really enjoyed it. She actually sat for quite a while finding the perfect daisies to add to her chain!

Daisy Chain Making
Daisy Chain Making

We’ve managed to tick another activity off the 50 things list, only 48 to go, and the munchkin can now make jewelry out of flowers! She’s since made us a lovely garland out of dandelions and didn’t understand at all when I called them Wet the Beds!

What do you mean you’ve never heard them called wet the beds?

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3 thoughts on “Daisy Chains

  1. Ah yes daisy chains. We’re yet to introduce our little bear to this. What a great activity on so many levels… as you point out: patience, motor skills, concentration. It’ll be a happy day when sit and do this with our bear! Never heard of Wet the Beds either!

  2. Aww.. she looks so pleased with that Daisy Chain. I didn’t realize there was a 50 things app. Great idea actually. We keep picking up the list and losing it. Download it I shall!

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