Geronimo Festival at Tatton Park

You know when you see the details for an event, you think that looks really good, but you’re not sure and your husband and eldest child keep looking at you weird every time you go on about, then you go and it’s bloody amazing.

That’s what happened with Geronimo Festival

We went on the Saturday of the bank holiday weekend in May and it honestly was fantastic!

We arrived at Tatton Park early, about 9:30, (which is a miracle for us by all accounts and I’m still not sure how we managed it), you couldn’t get in to the festival ’til 10 so we let the munchkin go and play on the playground. Twenty minutes later we started queuing at the entrance. If I’m honest it may have been more beneficial to start queuing a bit earlier as the crowds had built a bit by then, saying that even with a bag check and getting wristbands for everyone, it didn’t take us too long to get through the gates.

The munchkin was beyond excited, there was so much she wanted to do, it was difficult to know where to start. The festival was split into zones with each zone having different activities and things going on. We headed straight for the Helter Skelter which was virtually the centre point for the festival and was a really impressive sight. As we were there early the queue wasn’t that long, we went on again later in the day and waited for much longer, it was the longest queue on any activity all day.

Helter Skelter at Geronimo Festival
Helter Skelter

Next we headed to the Adrenalin zone, the munchkin had spied a giant zip wire from the Helter Skelter queue she wanted to try out. Once she was harnessed up and we’d reassured her several hundred times that there was no way she could fall out of the harness she was ready to go. We couldn’t quite persuade her to have a go of the aerial assault course though. Also in the Adrenalin zone was bouncy castles, all kids love bouncy castle, different bike courses and Monkey Do, which were giant trampolines in the trees. She wasn’t bothered about the bike courses at all, we were so close to getting her on Monkey Do, she even climbed up to get on but decided it wasn’t for her.

Zip Wire at Geronimo Festival
Getting ready for the Zip Wire

We headed into the woods to do some den building (one of the 50 things), then a ride on a donkey, holding a boa constrictor with the help of Ranger Rob (who the munchkin has met at her friends party) into the paddock to look at the creepy crawlies and to hold tiny day old chicks with Tatton park farm. There was also a sheep show we didn’t get chance to catch and Shetland pony rides the munchkin decided she’d be too big for.

Activities at Geronimo Festival
Den Building, Chick Holding, Snake Taming and Donkey Riding

It had soon got to lunchtime, some friends of ours were at the festival too so we’d arranged to meet them for lunch. On our way over we watched a bit of Punch & Judy and the munchkin couldn’t resist a sit in a hammock. The hammock guy who was dressed in a tiger onesie told Mr C it was the ‘first kids festival he’d taken them too and they’d never been used so enthusiastically’ which made us chuckle! We also bumped into one of the munchkins favourite princesses, which made her grin from ear to ear!

Meeting Cinderella at Geronimo Festival
Meeting Cinderella

There was plenty of places to sit to eat, and even more room for picnic blankets. We’d took a picnic, lovingly prepared by Mr C but there was tons of choice for food, not just crappy burger vans Mr C had pointed out. The sun was really shining at this point, there was beautiful blue skies! Good job I’d packed the suncream, we burn easy. Mr C treated himself to a pint from the Bus Bar, I treated myself to fresh churros!

Churros and the bus bar at Geronimo Festical
Bus Bar, Churros and Lunch

We could hear the Geronostage whilst we were eating lunch, we didn’t get chance to go over to watch any of the CBeebies favourites up close as there was so much we wanted to fit in, but it sounded fab and everyone looked like they were having a great time. We also missed the meet and greets. We gave the munchkin the choice and she choose the Helter Skelter again!

We made our way to the Circus Zone, the munchkin grabbed a hoola hoop to play with. It did make me laugh when a woman complemented her skills and she looked behind her to check it was definitely her she was talking too. There was a circus skills display which was brilliant and funny then we headed into the circus. We were hoping to get a quick cool but the tent was bloody boiling! The circus was really good, there was a great display of juggling and acrobatics. Even the froglet thought it was fab, he was cheering along, well shouting baby babble but I knew what he meant.

Being a Butterfly at Geronimo Festival
Beautiful Butterfly

The munchkin wanted to do some crafts so we headed to the Funky Junk zone. There was a great choice of craft activities, the munchkin decided to decorate a duck. You really could have spent most of your day in this Zone alone, we managed to entice Lily out with the promise of ice cream and a balloon.

Duck Decorating at Geronimo Festival
Duck Decorating

By this point we were ready for a sit down and a drink, Lily made an angel out of wool whilst we had a little sit in the shade, there wasn’t long to go before the Samba parade.

Geronimo Festival
Having a sit in the shade

The Samba parade happened each day at 4:30 starting in the Groovy Zone. Although mega confident (spirited they say) when it comes to joining in things like dancing or Zumba she’s petrified of  doing something where people might watch, so the fashion show catwalk, Zumba and dancing were things we didn’t try at all.

We catered the day doing things that we knew the munchkin would really enjoy, Sam was happy to have a crawl round on the grass and take in all the noise and sights. There really is something for all children of all ages to do. We didn’t go near the 3ft and under zone but next year this zone will be perfect for the froglet. I was also really impressed with the site, it was spread out enough so it didn’t feel over crowded but I never felt I had to walk far to get to each zone. There was water points you could fill you water bottles with and half way through the day they went to get suntan cream for people to use as it had got really unexpectedly sunny. We didn’t queue once for the toilets, which with kids is always a worry, well with mine it is cause she tends to leave toilet stops to the very last-minute when there is lots going on. There was something to see everywhere you looked, describing it just doesn’t do it justice.

After the samba parade it was time for home. On the way out volunteers where handing out la la loopsie blind bags which topped the day off perfectly for Lily. We had an absolutely brilliant day, Mr C has already decided we’ll be going back next year. The munchkin said it was the most awesome day ever!

Geronimo Festival at Tatton Park
Can’t wait for next year!

On the Geronimo website Simon, the mastermind behind the festival said his aim was to deliver an amazing family experience and I really think he managed it!

We were lucky enough to receive the tickets for the festival in exchange for this review.

All words are our own and completely honest, we will definitely be going again next year!


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3 thoughts on “Geronimo Festival at Tatton Park

    1. i was gonna go but it was far too expensive maybe if me and my child take part in the next years review we can have free entry tickets

      1. Julie, although on 1st look it seems expensive it really was worth the cost. Once you were in everything, apart from food (we didn’t spend any money on food) was included in the price so although the cost seemed on the expensive side if you look at other days out for example blue planet or the zoo then it was really reasonable and there was so much to do, we didn’t see any of the CBeebies shows & there was lots my little girl didn’t want to do. With early bird tickets, which I will pay for next year if the festival is on again and I hope it is. There was also the volunteer opps available for free entry. I was lucky enough to get the tickets to write about our day but the offer was very last minute, I was willing to and would have paid full price as our friends did and would have felt it was money very well spent.

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