Who is this person that I see
Reflected, staring back at me
Looks like a girl I used to know
But bits have changed and moved and grown
My mind’s eye playing tricks on me
Only picturing how I used to be
Thin, young, bright fresh-faced
Now it seems she’s been replaced

Heavy bags now under eye
Crows feet appear each time I smile
Where on earth are those chins from?
Now there’s 3 where once was one
Colouring more than a little grey
Complexion has seen much better days
What’s that I spy amongst my hair
Shiny greys, they’re everywhere

Middle Ground has more than doubled
My clothes are tight, I’m in real trouble
I need to pull my shoulders back
Stand up straight to tighten slack
There’s things I know that I must change
To stop the growth of my rear end
I’m sucking in I really am
But this spread keeps overflowing spanx

I pull and squish the face in front of me
The former me, disappeared it seems
Parenthood and age has changed my view
I’m not sure I like all that’s new
I’m not the girls I used to be
When there’s comparison to what I used to see
Underneath I’m still the same
The person I am has not really changed



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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

3 thoughts on “Comparison

  1. Great piece of writing 🙂 I don’t think I look feel or am the same person I was and in some ways I don’t like it in others I don’t mind x

  2. Ageing is a strange thing isn’t it, and what we still see in our minds eye is somewhat different to reality at times! In my head I’m very firmly still in my twenties (which is an improvement, for a long time I was still 18!) and that doesn’t really compute with the 40-something face I now see. Your poem really captures all those thoughts that go through your mind, but your last two sentences are so true and so very important. Another wonderful poem, thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

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