Month in a Minute – August 2016


Turned out to be a strange old month and I can’t quite put my finger on why.

I had lots of plans to get things done, organised, but the list is still very long and I am still no closer to the house being sorted than I was at the start of summer holidays.

A fairly rainy summer put a dampener on my dreams of grabbing lazy days in the garden with a spotless house.

We missed Lily, who went on holiday for 2 weeks with my parents. A holiday we all should have been going on to celebrate my dad turning 60. The house just wasn’t the same without her in it. We were incomplete the whole time she was away, Sam missed her so much we said he was love-sick. She had a wonderful time but has already told us she’ll be staying with us next year so I think she missed us too.

Chris hit a milestone in his treatment by completing his 10th chemotherapy session. It was hard for him this time and his recovery took a little longer than normal. It’s not surprising now he is half way through this aspect of his treatment with only 4 sessions to go. So close, yet still so far.

August was not all that I’d hoped, that doesn’t mean it was a complete write off, we celebrated weddings, saw friends and we managed to grab some fun on the odd sunny day as a trio.

Now it’s your turn to have a look:


Month in a Minute

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