Breakfast with Santa at Wyevale Garden Centre

I was looking for a way for us to kick start December and the lead up to Christmas. After last Christmas going by in a bit of a blur I really wanted to make this year extra special. Luckily we were invited to go for breakfast with Santa at Wyevale Garden Centre. Which turned out to be a perfect way to start our Christmas celebrations.

We didn’t tell the kids where we were going, we bundled them into the car with matching Elf jumpers and set off early morning to the Garden Centre. They were so excited on our mystery journey and their intrigue grew when we arrived at a ‘shop’! I’m not sure kids get that Garden centres are becoming a day out destination.

We were quickly seated, we’d already chosen a cooked breakfast when we booked so there was no need to order and we were quickly served with tea, coffee and juice, which were refilled several times throughout our time there.

The tables were very festive with crackers for all and Christmas activity sheets for the kids. Unfortunately there was no crayons to go with activity sheet, luckily I had a pen in my ‘mum bag’ so Lily was able to spend some time on it. Sam wasn’t interested with no colours to scribble with. There was also cookies to decorate, which Lily and Sam absolutely loved doing and spent ages before and after breakfast icing, sprinkling and eating!

An elf announced the arrival of Father Christmas, who spent time sitting with each family talking to the children, asking questions and giving them a little information about what happens at the North Pole. Sam thought it was brilliant and would have been quite happy following him around all morning. The look on both their faces made the early morning so worthwhile!

There was a couple of things I noticed that would have completely passed the kids by. The service was brilliant but one of the staff had a hollister hoody on, I just thought that perhaps they could have been a bit more festively dressed to add to the magic. The lack of crayons for the activity sheet and when Santa was sat down on his throne there was no real organisation of which order the tables would go up in so everybody ended up in a queue. These little niggles, were just that, little niggles and definitely didn’t distract from what was a really good morning that both kids really enjoyed.

Why not take a proper look at what we got up to:


There’s still time to book in for breakfast or tea with Santa at Wyevale Garden Centre, I really would recommend it for something lovely to do with the kids at Christmas time.


We were given the tickets for the purpose of this review & letting you know what we really thought. All words & opinions are my own.

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