A Tiny Toddler in a Big Boy Bedroom

I kept him with me for far too long. Next to me. In touching distance. So I could hear his breathing, his murmurs, his movements, through the night. So I could watch him in those quiet moments just before I fell asleep. Lily was in her own room from when she was around 6 months. […]

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Almost Famous & Charity Challenges for St Mary’s

We’re famous!! Ok, we’re not. Not even a little bit but its a strange feeling when you see your baby’s story, your story, your family’s story out there for the world to read. I don’t just mean here on this blog where my general ramblings are sent into cyber space for the odd person to stumble upon, (thanks for […]

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Celebrating Sams 1st Birthday

Baby excited about his 1st Birthday

It wasn’t easy this year for me to think about organising anything for the froglets 1st birthday. The date and the lead up to the date stirred a lot of emotions I really wasn’t expecting. Flashbacks of waking up and him being missing, of him shaking with cold or drugs or both, his swollen little […]

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I am the mum who …..

Diary of a FBG and her children

I was recently tagged by the lovely Claire at Six degrees of harmony to write an ‘I am the mum who…’ post. Ideas kept popping in my head for it so I thought it best to write them down quickly as I’m prone to forgetting these things. Thanks to Claire for the tag, I really […]

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Munchkin Miracle Cup – Review

I’ve been looking for a cup for ages that the froglet will drink out of. I think, know, I have bought nearly every cup that’s out there. He’s, well, fussy! I’m not sure what it is but he just won’t drink out of any of them. At first I thought it was because he wasn’t […]

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