Almost Famous & Charity Challenges for St Mary’s

We’re famous!!

Ok, we’re not. Not even a little bit but its a strange feeling when you see your baby’s story, your story, your family’s story out there for the world to read. I don’t just mean here on this blog where my general ramblings are sent into cyber space for the odd person to stumble upon, (thanks for dropping in, by the way) but for actual strangers to read. (regular readers, you are not strangers in my eyes)

Last year when we were in hospital, before the froglet had even been warmed up, we decided that we would do whatever we could to say thank you to the NICU at St Marys. It was then we decided that if Sam made it, at this stage we still weren’t sure, instead of gifts at his Christening we would ask for donations to the NICU, which we did raising £1100. We are one of the lucky families, we were able to bring our baby home and so far he’s not really affected by his HIE diagnosis, this doesn’t stop us feeling forever grateful to St Mary’s and the NICU, we know how different our lives could be. We decided that over the next few years if we could do events and fundraising to raise enough money to total the cost of a cooling machine we would have gone a little way to repay what they did for us, although no money really could ever be enough.

A day or two after the froglets first birthday Mr C, like me feeling a little emotional about the memories the day conjured, contacted St Marys Hospital Charity to see if there were any events coming up that he could take part in to raise money for them. The very same day he was signed up to do the Great Manchester Cycle, a 52 mile bike ride in Manchester on 28th June and then the Great Manchester Swim, a mile swim Dock to Dock in Salford Quays on the 4th July. St Mary’s Hospital Charity asked if they could use our story, basically to show a personal side as to why people are taking part in the events. This is the reason our story is out there!

I was pleasantly surprised when someone tagged me in our story that appeared on the Central Manchester Hospital Trust website and Facebook page. It really made me smile. Then it appeared on the Great Cycle website and just this week our faces were large as life taking up a page in our local paper! (Need to thank my friend Lisa for the very flattering picture of my face, no double chins or anything!)


Charity Challenges to raise money for St Marys Hospital Manchester NICU
We’re in the local paper!
Mr C finds the whole thing rather strange, he doesn’t like any type of limelight. His aim is to do whatever he can to raise as much money as he can but he knows that the only way we can do this is by telling our story.

So we’re out there and we feel a little famous, even though we’re not! Hopefully Mr C will raise lots of money for this truly fantastic cause. Me and the kiddiewinkles will be cheering daddy on this Sunday and on the 4th of July and with whatever else he decides to do!

Read the write-up on the Central Manchester Hospital Trust Website:

If you would like to support Mr C by sponsoring him, no matter how much we know there’s not a lot of cash about, please visit his just giving page. We really do appreciate any donations, messages and words of support you can give.

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3 thoughts on “Almost Famous & Charity Challenges for St Mary’s

  1. Wow what a brilliant idea about donating to the NICU and I love St Mary’s so much. They did an amazing job with my niece when she got pneumonia. Love the pic in the papers of you guys x

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