Munchkin Miracle Cup – Review

I’ve been looking for a cup for ages that the froglet will drink out of. I think, know, I have bought nearly every cup that’s out there. He’s, well, fussy! I’m not sure what it is but he just won’t drink out of any of them. At first I thought it was because he wasn’t really keen on the taste of water but then I tried baby juice, still not keen and finally his milk just to get him used to drinking out of something other than his bottle, nope still not keen.

It took me a few purchases before I found one that he would put up with, we were getting somewhere. He’ll drink out of it, sort of. It has a spout like most trainer cups so requires sucking to get anything out of it and although it states none spill, and it mostly is, quite a lot of the drink ends up down his front and there is always a little spillage. He still won’t hold it himself the lazy little thing, but then he won’t hold his own bottle at bedtime yet. I’m not sure when the munchkin was doing it but if my memory serves me right it was around this age. When do babies start holding their own cups? Anyway I digress.

Then I was lucky enough to be sent the Lindam Munchkin Miracle Cup to try out.

None spill cup, Spout free technology
Munchkin 360 degree Miracle Cup

We were going away for a long weekend in our caravan and I thought, what better place to road test a cup that claims to be 100% leak and spill free. Now that’s a pretty big claim for a cup and the last thing you want in a caravan is little spills and mess all over the place.

I have to admit this is a very clever cup. It has ‘spout free technology.’ There’s a ‘spill proof valve’ which opens easily when you put your lip on it to drink, letting out the liquid and then seals automatically after drinking. It’s true, I tested it myself! There’s no real sucking required, it takes very little effort making it really easy for little ones to get used to drinking from a cup. It’s also 360 degrees, so no matter what side of the cup you drink from it’s the same effect.

The whole thing had Mr C baffled, which was amusing, he couldn’t get his head around how it was working. Stereotypically for men, he didn’t bother with the packaging to read how it was put together. He was very impressed, he’s constantly moaning about how much none spill cups actually spill, I could hold this one upside down over the froglets head and it still didn’t leak. He found it funny and luckily what the cup claims to do, it actually does!

The froglet found it really easy to drink from as there’s no sucking involved. He got used to it fairly quickly and even though we still had to hold it for him, the lazy lump, he drank more than usual without most of it ending up down his front.

We were really impressed with the cup, it’s been quite a hit. No spills round the caravan and the froglet drank more and spilt less. It’s definitely a product I would recommend!

Well done Lindam Munckin, your cup did exactly what it says it will do.

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4 thoughts on “Munchkin Miracle Cup – Review

  1. Oooo that looks fab. We moved house just before boo was 2 and I found 17 sippy cups!! I could have opened a shop because she didn’t like most of them. I hope Beb isn’t as fussy x

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