10 Months and on the Move!

We are on the move people, we are on the move.

The froglet is crawling!

If I’m honest, I wasn’t sure he’d ever get crawling. I’m don’t know what the average age is of a baby crawling and I’m pretty sure the munchkin crawled sooner than 10 months, but trying to not be one of those mothers who compares their child to other kids, even a sibling, I’ve not looked it up. Plus, the froglet, well he’s not average is he, he’s our little miracle boy so crawling at any age is another thing we can tick he can do and the fact that it will be somewhere around the average is a bonus!

It took him a little while to get going. He had the backwards slide down to a fine art for quite some time. Although he’d mastered it, this technique got him further away from the object he was aiming for leading to much whingeing in frustration.
After the backward slide came what I have affectionately called the baby plank. You know, like a push up but in the same position for as long as you can. The baby plank would happen just as he was about to reach for something but always ended in the backward slide, again leading to much whingeing.

Then came the caterpillar, he would go up on his knees and then slide forward on his front. Not quite a crawl, actually nothing like a crawl. This got him to where he wanted to go but in a really round about way, it would include the backward slide and the baby plank in parts but on the whole after much shuffling and caterpillaring about he would get to where he wanted, just. Less whingeing which was a positive, unless it was taking him forever.

Now. Now we have the full blown crawl! He got it all at once, it was like someone had switched him from demo to go. Now he’s off, all over the place. He’s turned into a little puppy, crawling closely behind your heels wherever you might be walking, sneaking up on you when you don’t expect it. He can get to exactly where he wants to be or get what he wants, often something he shouldn’t be messing with, like DVDs from the TV stand. Now there is virtually no whingeing in frustration.

They’ve noticed it at nursery too, a far less frustrated baby. The more confident he’s getting the quicker he’s becoming. The little lad could win gold in the baby crawling Olympics, if there was a thing. Which there isn’t, obviously, some mums are competitive enough.

So we’re all happy. He’s happy he’s on the move and we’re happy we can now nip to the loo without him having a meltdown if a toy rolls (gets thrown) away from him, now he can get to it himself.


This is him sitting, not crawling. It’s hard to get a crawling pic!

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