When the small boy turned 2

I wasn’t ready last year. To celebrate Sams birthday. I didn’t want to think about it, the date. Didn’t want to be reminded of what had happened, what he went through. The run up made me feel anxious, sick and teary. I wanted to forget. Forget about his traumatic entrance in the world. Forget my […]

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When you realise you must be doing something right

When we found out about Chris’ diagnosis, it was my kids, especially Lily, I thought of first. I knew that regardless of anything else that was going on, I needed to keep things as normal as possible for them. To make sure I was there for bedtime and that they were at home as much […]

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The curious incident of the fish in the bit drawer

Winning a goldfish at a fair

Something happened today which is completely unexplainable and for most of the day had us, well, baffled. A week or so ago the munchkin won a goldfish at a fair. She hit the bell on one of those hammer test of strength things. The guy was all, ‘don’t worry if you don’t ring the bell, […]

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I am the mum who …..

Diary of a FBG and her children

I was recently tagged by the lovely Claire at Six degrees of harmony to write an ‘I am the mum who…’ post. Ideas kept popping in my head for it so I thought it best to write them down quickly as I’m prone to forgetting these things. Thanks to Claire for the tag, I really […]

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We needed a fairly cheap/free day out so decided that we would take a drive up to Southport. Mr C had heard about an adventure park We parked on the front and ate our picnic overlooking the beach. Us Cowleys get grumpy when we’re hungry and the munchkin needed her lunch or the afternoon would have […]

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