We needed a fairly cheap/free day out so decided that we would take a drive up to Southport. Mr C had heard about an adventure park

We parked on the front and ate our picnic overlooking the beach. Us Cowleys get grumpy when we’re hungry and the munchkin needed her lunch or the afternoon would have been ruined! It turned out to be a lovely warm day and was really clear so we could see for miles. You have to really squint to see the sea when you’re in Southport as it’s always a way out!

We set off for a stroll and walked on the promenade and around the lake, we normally stick to the beach so our stroll was a nice change. There were quite a few row boats on the lake which was lovely to see.


We could see the park we were aiming for across the lake, the munchkin was excited and walked the whole way round on a little stone wall, the path not being adventurous enough for her! We had to cross a bridge which meant negotiating some pretty steep steps with the froglets pram. There are other bridges with ramps but we passed them, I mean going up a ramp is just too easy for our leisurely stroll.


The adventure park was brilliant and I was really impressed. You can tell that a lot of thought had gone into the layout of the park and what it had to offer.


There were picnic tables and plenty of grass for you to sit and set up a picnic. There was a sand pit and a toddler area which looked just as good as the area the munchkin was playing on and a crazy golf, although we didn’t go near there. There were lots of different aparatus, it was really big so we didn’t feel that comfortable letting the munchkin go by herself, she would have been out of sight in parts and some of the climbing things were quite tall, she has absolutely no fear when it comes to climbing, hanging and jumping off things.

PicMonkey Collage1 PicMonkey Collage

We stayed for quite awhile, you could really spend quite a lot of your day sat in the sunshine.

Before heading back to the car we went to get some ice cream, you can’t visit the seaside without having one can you?

We will definitely be heading back to Southport to play on the park again soon.

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