AppleJacks Adventure Park

I had bought a family ticket to AppleJacks Adventrue Park from Groupon, I do love me a Groupon! Perfect I thought, for one of our staycation days!

We packed the picnic and our water proofs (again – British Summertime at it’s finest) and set off for Warrington, we arrived in time for opening at 10:30.

Now, I’m not sure why, but for some reason me and Mr C thought we were going to a farm with animals and other adventure activities but there were no animals, except for a couple of sheep we saw as we queued to get in and some cows in a field in the distance. It really wasn’t what we were expecting.

There was lots for the munchkin to do. A hay bale mountain you could climb, Mr C and the munchkin had a race up to the top! Archery, the munchkin was really good at this and kept going back to have another go. Zip wires, climbing frame, tractor ride and a bouncy pillow and a maize maze. There was also skating, which we didn’t try as it said on the information that the kids should be able to skate a little and the munchkin is like Bambi on ice and spends more time crawling around on her knees and a fence maze but we were all mazed out! There was also Go Karts which you had to pay a £1 to have a go of. We did let the munchkin go on these but I was a little disappointed that there was extra cost once you got there.

PicMonkey Collage

There was plenty of space outside to eat, we decided to have our picnic lunch in a big marquee that had lots of picnic tables in. There was also a cafe that looked fairly reasonably priced.

The best bit of the day for me was the Maize Maze. I had wanted to take the munchkin to one this summer but wasn’t sure we’d be able to fit it in so this was perfect! I’ve never been in a Maize Maze before! It was huge and had 9 ‘zones’ all linked with different coloured ribbon lining the pathways. We had been given an activity sheet when we entered and a flag in case we got really lost. The ground was muddy and the pram wouldn’t fit so we ended up carrying the froglet around, he slept soundly the whole time but by goodness he gets heavy when you have to carry him around and be careful you don’t slip in the mud! Each zone had a box that had stickers in to add to the activity sheet that built up a map. We had a great time walking round although we did walk in a couple of circles.

I’m not sure we’d go back if we had to pay full price as it would work out close to £30 for the 3 of us and when the froglet is older even more. I think it’s very expensive for what is currently there, when I look at other days out for a similar price with a bit more to offer. The £15 groupon I got was a bargain (it was for 2 adults & 2 children) though for the Maize Maze alone and if I could get another groupon or discount I would go back.

Saying that the munchkin had a great day! Anything adventurous is right up here street and really as long as she’s had a really good day so have we and its money well spent!

AppleJacks also does a Spooky World in October, there were quite a few things set up for this that weren’t open. My mum & sister have been to Spooky World and they said it was really good, the maze is still open, you go on the tractor ride and through the walk through trailers and there are spooky surprises too!! Not for me, as anything like that makes me poop my pants but definitely a must if you like your heart to race!

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6 thoughts on “AppleJacks Adventure Park

  1. There are so many of these ‘sort of farm’ adventure places for kids these days. Great that your daughter had so much fun and at £15 for the family you really can’t go wrong!

    1. I agree there’s a lot now popping up. I think we were expecting animals, even though my husband checked the website before hand! He He! I thought it was a bargain price and my daughter did have fun 🙂

  2. There are quite a few farm/adventure places popping up lately. Sorry to hear you were a little disappointed but it looks and sounds like the kids had fun. I know what you mean though, £30 does sound like quite a lot…the £15 you paid sounds far more reasonable 🙂 x

  3. We are also always in the look out for deals like this one. Always nice not to pay full price as it can be very very expensive. You can also try Amazon Local as they also do good deals. We are going to do some archery class for cheap price! #countrykids

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