Project 365, Week #34

We have reached week 5 of the summer holidays! This week saw Mr C back at work after our 2 week stay cation. The weather has been rather pants so there has been a lot of pottering at home days this week!

Here is my week in pictures.

Day 229


Sunday we went to visit my mum and dad. They only live 5 minutes drive away and we usually pop in at some point over the weekend. The munchkin wanted to wear one of her headbands!

Day 230


Monday, my niece came round to play, the weather didn’t stop the wanting ice lollies!

Day 231


Tuesday was a real pottering day, we had lots of smiles and cuddles with this little man!

Day 232


The munchkin had a friend round to play on Wednesday. I had a very lazy day and did quite a lot of sitting and drinking brews!

Day 233


We were back for another Junior Rangers session! This time we made rock bug buddys!

Day 234


Friday we nipped to our friends house for lunch, she had a big bag of clothes for the froglet for us to go through. We of course had to try on the hats to make sure they fit!

Day 235


Challenge Cup final day is a big day. In the past we’ve made our way to Wembley to watch, this year our friends were having a BBQ and drinks. We had a great day!

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6 thoughts on “Project 365, Week #34

  1. All these traditions you used to do before children have to change slightly don’t they? Hope you enjoyed the barbeque with friends instead?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365, there’s a new one live now.

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