We have let the munchkin choose what to do on some of our days out on our stay cation. She wanted to go to a swimming pool with slides, a water park to most of us but she couldn’t find the words. Not wanting to go to far afield we decided to take a trip to Splashworld in Southport.

We have been a couple of times with the munchkin at different ages, so knew that she would like it now, my friend has been teaching her to swim so she is much more confident in the water now without armbands. I decided that I wasn’t going to swim, I thought it might be a bit noisy and busy for the froglets first experience of a swimming pool, I really couldn’t be bothered defuzzing, it’s just a massive faff and I’m really not a massive fan of water slides, they have always hurt my bum!

It’s fairly reasonably priced, although to spectate was £5 which I thought was quite steep but you do get a free soft drink voucher to spend in the cafe. It was warm sat in the cafe, which is poolside so expected and really, really noisy. I have no idea how the froglet slept through it all.

The munchkin and Mr C had a fab time. There are a few slides, one you go down on a rubber ring, she didn’t like that one, and then 2 tube slides which she loved, apparently one is dark with disco lights in. There’s also a big climbing frame in the water with a couple of slides and tunnels, spray and a big bucket that drops water on the kids. There’s a lazy river and a pool, which got really busy.



There is also a toddler area that I could see from the cafe. It’s been refurbished this year. There are lots for toddlers to do, the water is shallow so not too deep for tiny people and I was really impressed by the change from the last time we visited.


The changing village is clean and close to poolside and I saw other parents leaving buggys at the side of the pool near the cafe. With a 6 year age difference between the munchkin and the froglet, I’m always on the look out for activities that would cater for both of them and I would definitely go back to Spalshworld with them both when the froglet is a little bigger. I might even go to the trouble of defuzzing and go in with them, although I’d probably stick to the lazy river.


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