It was going so well

Ok, so the idea of this blog was to be light & jovial about the absurdity of what I am putting myself through to train for the Liverpool half marathon.

Tonight I’m not sure how funny I can be to be honest.

My momentum has been fine, I went out on Thursday I went on the same route that nearly killed me in the last post, Mr C reckons if I keep doing it, it will only get easier. And he was right. I knocked 2 minutes off my time, my legs weren’t half as sore and I jogged for longer periods than I had ever done previously. I know it will (may) get easier if I keep going. I didn’t go out last night due to the hail stone and fat rain that was taking place. It’s ok in the dark but not the rain and dark!

Well it’s not ok on my own anymore dark or otherwise.

I knew I needed to go out again today and thought I would have the novelty of going in daylight hours for a change. I set off and was going really well, I’m doing the same route. I’m walking and I’m jogging. Five Keep on moving is keeping me moving and I’m concentrating on my breathing and jogging pace. The McDonalds I had earlier is repeating on me but I’m doing ok and I do my fastest 1st mile to date, by seconds, but every second counts.

I jog along the road knowing that I’ll start walking again soon to get my arse up Everest.

I pass a man, I’d seen him most of the way up the road. He moved out of my way, I said thanks, and didn’t think anything of it. I kept jogging it’s downhill so it’s easier on my legs and it’s a fairly busy road. Then the hill starts, so I start to walk. One Direction is telling me I don’t know how beautiful I am and I’m actually thinking if only they could see me now! Theres some house on the hill, little cottages, Mave my Grandmother in Law lives in one, I’m thinking I can get up the hill, I will get up the hill then it’s home straight.

Then theres a heavy tap on my shoulder, and for some reason I thought it was someone I knew. Cause really who taps people out jalking on the shoulder? The fella I’d just passed thats who. I take my headphones out, I’m breathing heavily ’cause I’m still unfit but I’m calm cause of where I am I know that I’m only going to have to walk with this man for a few metres.

He’s out of breath. He’s caught me up.

‘Hiya, are you ok?’

Fine thanks

‘I didn’t realise you had your headphones in.’

Oh (although I’ve just passed him with them in)

‘Are you ok?’

Yes fine thanks

‘Do you live around here’

Yes I do

‘Oh do you? Where do you live?’

I live in one of these houses

‘Really? Which one?’

The one on the end

‘How long have you lived there?’

Oh, years

‘Really, I walk here a lot and I’ve never seen you before.’

Yes really it’s this one bye (dart into Maves drive)

The guy keeps walking. It’s 16:40, not even dark.

So it was a very brief encounter but to say I shit my pants is an understatement. I’m just so glad I was near to Maves that I had an escape route, I think that’s how I managed to stay calm. Although this guy could’ve been totally innocent he was also totally inappropriate and I dread to think what could’ve happened if I’d have had to walk with him further or had been on a more seculded part of the route.

I got a lift home. Waited for my heart to stop pounding in my chest and rang the police.

So now I need jalking partners. Applications on a postcard

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

One thought on “It was going so well

  1. 😦 oh no- sounds awful! I’m oblivious to danger most of the time and just go out at night and walk everywhere but that’s because I haven’t had encounters like that. I hope you get a jalking buddy soon

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