Meat Free – Week 3

It’s ok to daydream about bacon isn’t it?

I like my bacon chewy not crispy and I take the fatty bits off!

Unless I have a particular craving for something really greasy and then the fatty bits stay on!

I’ve had no real struggles this week or major tests! I’ve not eaten out, for a change, so meal planning has been fairly simple and easy!

My lovely grandmother in law had forgotten about my no meat bet and made me corned beef hash whilst Mr C was swanning himself in Brugge. I had to politely turn it down!

(is swanning himself in Brugge the right saying? I’m not sure! Anyway, you know what I mean!)

I have however, found myself thinking about meat.

A Lot!

The thoughts just slip into my psyche without me noticing and taking me by surprise!

I had to quickly skip down the meat aisle in Asda on Saturday so I wasn’t too tempted!

Mainly red meat.

Steak, lamb, pork.


Can bacon be classed as red meat when it’s a pinky colour?

I nearly took a bite out of Mr Cs hot-dog sausage on Sunday at the football without even thinking!

Not a euphemism either!

I settled for swapping the kid half a twix for the rest of her bun with tommy k on! In 32 years I’ve never had a ketchup butty, it wasn’t that bad!

I’m pretty sure it’s a sign I must be lacking in some Iron or something, so have been on the hunt for some nice dark chocolate to make up for it!

I’m on the home stretch now! I can see the finish line!

I only have 7 more days to go!



It’s a bloody miracle I’ve lasted this long!

Comments make me Happy! Like cake does but with less calories

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