Project 365, Week #11

It’s that time of week again, where I get to share my week in pictures with you. Yet again another random set!

Here’s week 11!

Day 68


Sunday was a busy one! We went to watch the rugby team Mr C coaches, it was such a lovely day! Then the munchkin was at a party at a splashworld and then I went to walk with the lovely Wendy from Daisies and Pies for a little while, on her leg of the Team Honk Relay! The munchkin took this picture of my bump whilst we were watching the rugby!

Day 69


Back to school and work after the weekend the munchkin wanted plaits in her hair!

Day 70


Not the healthiest but I had this for my dinner on Tuesday. It really reminded me of one of my school dinners! It was really tasty too.

Day 71


Wednesday we spent some time after school reading. I am so proud of the munchkin who was a little behind in her reading but is trying really hard now.

Day 72


Thursday I let the munchkin choose where we went for tea. She decided to go here. There is a play area outside and it was such a lovely evening. Even better Mr C was able to join us on his way back from work.

Day 73


On Friday we went to my friends wedding. It was such a lovely day and the bride looked beautiful.

Day 74


Saturday saw me heading to York for my oldest friends hen do! It was such a good day, we went for Afternoon Tea which is my most favourite thing to do. At night we had a lovely meal and then went to a couple of pub/clubs! I had such a good time and there was lots of laughs!

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