Project 365, Week #21

This week I have failed in taking a photo a day!

I’m really disappointed as I was doing so well. I got off to a good start but towards the end of the week spent most of my time falling asleep on sofa, I have been completely lacking in energy and have been aching all over so haven’t really done anything and I’m not sure how many pictures of a sleeping me you would want to see.

I wanted to keep up with my weekly post, so this week you are only treated to half a week of randomness. Hopefully normal snapshots will resume next week.

Day 138


A beautiful Sunday, we were invited to friends for dinner. We had a really delicious BBQ, food always tastes nicer if you eat it outside in the sunshine! This salad was absolutely delicious with strawberries and mandarins, so refreshing! We had a really lovely afternoon. Makes me excited for the summer

Day 139


The munchkin was back at Rainbows and they had a trip to the local water park for a nature trail, conveniently it’s across the road from the church hall Rainbows is in. She had a really good time and by the look for her when she got home, she may have been doing some running around!

Day 140


Last year we had our garden fixed but we didn’t get chance to use it. This year I intend on making the most out of it, especially with being off on maternity leave. Today my new garden furniture arrived! It took me a little while to choose what I wanted in the budget I had. I have habit of overspending. I was more than a little excited about this arriving and Mr C found it quite simple to put together too!

Day 141


Realising that Wednesday was going to be the last of the nice weather for the week, we decided to have a little BBQ outside and make the most out of our new seats! We hope it’ll be sunny again very soon!

Day 142 – 144

I have completely lacked in any energy, the tiny human must be having a growth spurt before his arrival. I have spent quite a lot of time napping on the sofa. I did go and get my hair done on day 142, no picture though unfortunately! Apologies for only half a week, normal randomness should resume next week!

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