Project 365, Week #24

I’m back! I completely missed week 23. There are only so many photographs you can take when you are having the most traumatic week of your life and you are stuck staring at the same hospital room walls all week! Now we are all, luckily home and settled, I can get back into the project.

I must warn you, baby may feature quite a lot for the next couple of weeks.

Day 159


We were still in Manchester, stopping in Ronald McDonald house, whilst little one was still in intensive care. Today he was moved to high dependency which was fantastic and the start of his journey home with us so soon. We got out of the hospital for some fresh air.

Day 160



We were transferred back to our local hospital. When we met him back there, he went in an ambulance, they had taken his feeding tube out of his nose. This was the 1st time we had seen him minus all of his wires and tubes. It was a great feeling.

Day 161


Not in our widest dreams did I think we would be allowed to take him home so soon, but we were! So lucky! He has done brilliantly and amazed everyone! Lets hope he continues to do so!

Day 162


It’s difficult not to stop staring at the little man!

Day 163


I got birthday cuddles! Had a nice lunch out and there visitors in the evening who of course were more bothered about him that seeing me!

Day 164


Ooo my birthday present arrived! It is beautiful and I’m very lucky!

Day 165


Settling back in and getting back to normal for the weekend! The munchkin decided we should have frozen hair. Mines Elsa, Hers is Anna. She chose an England top to wear to celebrate the world cup!

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