Does my bum look big?


Just 7 guys hanging out at a five a side court with Hawaiian shirts and Bermuda shorts! This picture was taken in August 2010.

It really makes me smile. Not only because it’s fun, it shows friends coming together, not taking themselves too seriously, supporting the family of one of our friends and it was for a really good cause.

This was a 5 a side tournament to raise money for the Royal Marines Benevolent Fund and the 40 Commando Royal Marines.

The cousin of one of our close friends was tragically killed whilst serving a tour with the Royal Marines in Afghanistan on 23rd June 2010. Sergeant Steven Darbyshire was killed by small arms fire during a firefight with insurgent forces whilst on a security patrol in the Sangin district of Helmand province.

He left behind his partner, Kate and 2 young sons. He was only 35.

Regardless of what you think of the war or of British troops being in Afghanistan or anywhere else abroad, the death of a soldier is tragic. I think for a partner and family it must be one of the most difficult things to comprehend. You’re used to the person not being around all the time, you get used to living your life with them being away for an extended amount of time and not talking to them that often. Then all of a sudden they’re not coming home, but you’re always going to expect them.

A couple of months after his death this tournament was organised to show thanks for support Kate, the boys and his family had received from the Royal Marines. There was a great turn out and lots of money was raised. It really showed the strength and unity of Kate and her family.

We all had a really good day even though our competitive boys didn’t win. I mean, would you take them seriously dressed like that? There was a real family feel to the whole day.

There’s something organised every year to remember Steven and to continue to raise money. We’ve been to charity nights and have always had a great time. This year there’s a big Charity Event being held at Wigan Cricket Club on the 19th July. If you’re local to me and can attend I know the family will really appreciate it and I know you will have a brilliant time.


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2 thoughts on “Does my bum look big?

  1. What a beautiful post Becky, wonderfully written. Such a tragic story, so many lives have been lost these past years. It must have been so devastating for the family. The tournament must have been great fun judging from the photo as well as raising money and being a great distraction. Lovely post, thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

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