Project 365, Week #30

What a lovely week I’ve had! It’s been the first week of the summer holidays and the weather has been glorious! We haven’t really moved from the house, well the garden. It’s been lovely not having to do anything!

Here’s my week in pictures

Day 201


On Sunday we went to a Green Fayre at a local park. It’s a really good with stalls, a craft area, dog shows, birds of prey and much, much more, including donkey rides! Which the munchkin loves!

Day 202


The munchkin had a friend from school over to play during the day. It was lovely and often quite amusing to see them playing together. Me and the Froglet had to entertain ourselves!

Day 203


We got the paddling pool out! The munchkin loved it! She said to me at one point ‘how does it feel to know your little girl is having so much fun’ she really makes me chuckle!

Day 204


Last night we went to buy a parasol for the garden so we had a bit of shade to sit in! It has been lovely being able to sit outside. This was the last time all week the munchkin had any clothes on it was so hot!

Day 205


Thursday we went to meet my colleagues for lunch, one of my work friends was leaving as she is doing the wonderful thing of adopting a little boy! It’s been very exciting to see her journey to get to this point and a real insight into what people who wish to adopt have to go through. I know her and her husband will be fantastic parents and I wish them all the look in the world! I can’t wait to meet him when he’s settled in!

Day 206


Another super warm day sitting in the shade in the garden whilst the munchkin played in the paddling pool!

Day 207


We spent a very leisurely afternoon watching a charity cricket match. Mr C was playing in one of the teams. It was a great day with lots of our friends there.

Hoping the weather stays lovely for the next few weeks!

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