Project 365, Week #31

I have survived the second week of the summer holidays! Ok I have a mini confession, I booked the munchkin into a sports club. I knew she would love it and it would give her the opportunity to burn off some energy. I wasn’t wrong, and as it only ran from 10-3 w were still able to fit some fun things in to do together in the afternoon!

Here is my week in pictures:

Day 208


Sunday was another lovely day so we were able to spend more time in the garden. It was a lovely afternoon as we had a visit from my oldest friend, her husband and her very cute little girl. The girls played lovely together and we were able to have a brew and cake whilst sat outside.

Day 209


The munchkin was at Sports club so it was just me and the froglet most of the day! When Mr C got home from work we all went to the park for ice cream!

Day 210


On Tuesday we went on a bug hunt as one of the junior ranger sessions at a local park, it was a bit drizzly but that didn’t take away from how much fun we had!

Day 211


Wednesday turned out to be quite quiet, the munchkin had a fab time at sports club and even won a medal!

Day 212


On Thursday we were back to the park for another junior rangers session. This time we had clay craft, I was really pleased with how well the munchkin did, I only helped a little bit.

Day 213


Got to spend all day with this little guy, the weather was pants so we spent the day inside. We went round to our friends house for tea which was lovely.

Day 214


Saturday we saw some family who called in on their way up from London to Carlisle. It was lovely to see them and they got to meet the froglet.

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