Art in the Park

Oh how I loves me some Art in the Park!

It is a good job I own a 6yo that loves it too so we can keep going to the Junior Ranger sessions!

Sarah Jayne Richardson was back and we enjoyed her sessions on a lovely sunny, but windy afternoon.

Each child had a canvas with a different picture, they got to choose the design they wanted. She had already set out different coloured and shaped, rice and lentils. The children then had to have a look around the park for other materials that they could use to complete the picture. I really like the way her sessions use the surroundings and the nature in the park. They were encouraged to look for different colours, shapes and textures. We went on the hunt and I became chief leaf carrier whilst the munchkin collected things to use on her picture.

Then it was back to the table to start gluing all of the bits onto the canvas.

PicMonkey Collage

I was really impressed with the munchkin, she hardly needed any help (pity) and really thought about which materials to glue and where to put them to complete her picture.

She was pretty pleased with her picture and I think it looks great too!

IMG_7662 IMG_7664

She definitely enjoyed her Art session in the Park.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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2 thoughts on “Art in the Park

  1. In my quest to find Sarah’s blog (she told hubby she had one!!) I stumbled across yours!! Looks like you and your tiny person love the rangers as much as we do!! 🙂 We’ve been having a FREE summer of fun this year and the rangers play a HUGE part in that xx

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