The Munchkins ‘Debs Dream Uniform’

Usually clothes shopping with the munchkin consists of me using all the persuasive skills I possess, through tightly gritted teeth, to make her think she is making the decision as to what we will be leaving the shop with, after she has trailed the clothes around the floor insisting she carries everything, mock gagged at my suggestions, picked up every bit of tack with 1D on the front and wandered off in between the clothes racks. Yes 6-year-old still find that amusing!

Then I saw that the lovely brummymummyof2 was holding a competition with Debenhams, for kids to create their dream uniform. So I sat the munchkin down to have a look at the Debenhams website, she’s all I can hold the laptop on my knee mummy, in a bid for her to choose a fantastic prize-winning outfit. I tried, oh how I tried, to ‘point’ her in the right direction to choose something for everyday, as this was after all supposed to be what she could wear for school, but no matter how many nice jumpers and fancy leggings I clicked on she wanted to see the dresses.

She likes a dress does the munchkin, Β it’s not often practical when she’s out playing football and riding around on her bike but as I was doing the exciting thing of pretending to spend money, who was I to argue, I let her loose with the cursor. She finally chose, after clicking and zooming into every dress, her outfit:

Debs Dream Uniform

I asked her why she had chosen this particular dress, and her simple answer was because she likes foxes, obviously! She then went on to explain that she had chosen the fleece in case it was chilly and she wanted to be cuddly like a teddy bear. Boots were because she already has sandals. Yep that’s it, there was no other reason for the boot choice. Last thing was tights, I’ll be honest, I picked these, she was quite happy as long as they were sparkly!

I don’t think she did too badly, although I would probably have chosen a duffle coat and possibly pumps to go with the dress but it’s not my dream uniform it was hers and I know she’ll look super cute in it!



This is my entry to the Debenhams Back to School Competition



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