Project 365, Week 35

We have successfully reached the final week of the summer holidays, if I’m honest it’s gone quite quickly and we’re all a bit tired this week so have had quite a few lazy days, which has resulted in not a lot of photo taking on my part! Looking back I have taken a picture a day but you may find this post quite baby heavy.

Here is my week in pictures:

Day 236


In the morning the munchkin painted a garden gnome! Sunday afternoon we went round to friends for pizza. There is a group of us who used to work as Saturday girls in New Look when we were 16 and we have kept in touch ever since. We don’t get together very often but when we do we always have a really good time. Sunday was no exception!

Day 237


Monday was rainy and not very nice at all! Mr C had been nominated for the ice bucket challenge, he then nominated the munchkin who then nominated me so we all took to the garden to have a bucket of ice tipped over us! The only one to escape was this smiley guy!

Day 238


Me and the munchkin went to do Woodland Crafts as part of the Junior Rangers sessions

Day 239


The froglet had jabs, he was very brave. He spent the rest of the day wanting snuggles and I was happy to oblige!

Day 240


The munchkin went to play and have tea at her friends houses. Me and the froglet had a nice relaxing day pottering at home!

Day 241


We nipped into work to see my colleagues in the morning, yet again the weather was pants so we spent the afternoon watching films on the sofa

Day 242


Saturday was spent visiting my mum and dad in the morning and Mr Cs mum in the morning for tea!

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