After School Challenge

Before I started my maternity leave Mr C was in charge of tea time. He was always home before me and the munchkin would be ravenous as soon as she stepped foot through the door from school, all that learning she does through the day, so he would sort her tea out 1st. She would have polished it off before I’d even left the office. Then we would eat a little later.

During the summer holidays, the 1st I’ve ever spent off with the munchkin, we shared responsibility. Sorting out BBQs and other nice fresh summery dishes which we would eat outside together, with no set time to eat and late nights in the garden. Oh, how I miss the summer already.

Now the munchkin is back at school and the usual routine is back in full flow, I am on a pretty steep learning curve because for some reason, sorting out tea time is now landing at my feet, which causes a bit of a problem because I can’t cook.

To be fair, I only have to think about feeding the munchkin. We don’t usually eat together during the week. The munchkin wants something to eat immediately, like now, like an hour ago. I’ll sometimes make something for the both of us but I’m not usually hungry at 4:30, Mr C normally nips to the gym or to rugby training or something or other so doesn’t want to eat before he goes.

I’ve been trying to keep teas varied and sought inspiration from Birds Eyes After School Chefs, I’ve made sure I have everything in I know she’ll love and we can enjoy too. The freezer is stocked well thanks to Birdseye, I honestly hadn’t realised how much variety they had and it’s all so reasonably priced.


I’ve started to semi plan, there’s nothing fixed for each day just ideas for the week, meals have to be easy for my novice culinary skills to cope with and fairly quick because I get distracted easily. She’s not really a fussy eater, even if we don’t eat together I can sometimes prepare something for all of us to eat and I’m always looking to add something new to her meals. Her favourite is pasta, so anything I can add to pasta is a win for her! I found a great suggestion on the side of the BirdsEye southern fried chicken breasts which the munchkin loved and it was so simple to make!


I’ve also been shamed inspired to try themed teas! The munchkin has been learning about Space so I tried to incorporate that. I’m not sure I’ll be trying this that often though, far too much pressure to make it pretty!


The munchkin liked it though and even took the time to land the rocket on the moon!


The munchkin has a little table she eats at, we normally eat on our knees. Knowing I am new to all this, she is more than willing to help out. She’ll entertain her brother whilst I’m trying not to burn her food, she’ll get her own cutlery and if I forget, which is fairly often, she’ll get her own drink. She always takes her plate out to the kitchen, sometimes she might need a reminder if she’s engrossed in Ben & Holly. The best thing is she always finishes what I give her, you can’t really ask for much more than that!


I’m still getting used to my new responsibility, I’m starting to get into the swing of things and I’m getting more adventurous as I go. You never know one day I might try a roast. Or maybe not!



“This post is an entry for #Afterschoolchefs Challenge, sponsored by Birds Eye.

Learn more on the Birds Eye Facebook Page.”

I was lucky enough to receive some vouchers to  the tasty Birds Eye treats

all words in the post are my own and I wouldn’t recommend anything I wouldn’t

spend my own pennies on



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