Project 365, Week 39

I can’t quite believe we are a stones throw away from the end of September!

Another week and another week in pictures!

Here’s mine:

Day 264


Sunday we had a pottering around day, we semi sorted the garden ready for winter and did a tip run with all the rubbish from the garage! The weather was so lovely this little one wanted to watch

Day 265


Just a quiet day with me and my little man

Day 266


Mr C managed to lock us out after school! It’s a good job it was a nice day

Day 267


We had a little play time

Day 268


So the Froglet likes to look out of the window, Mr C thought it was a great idea to give him a seat

Day 269


Friday we went to the Baby and Toddler show in Manchester. We had a great day! It was very tiring for this little one, who was so good the whole day.

Day 270


Saturday was a busy one. The munchkin was at a party and then Mr C was playing rugby and then we had to get ready for a night out with our friends. It was the 1st time we had left the baby overnight, I knew he was in good hands so I managed to relax a little.

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