Project 365, Week 40

I can’t believe we are up to week 40 already, we’ve had another baby photo heavy week!

Here is my week in pictures

Day 271


We went out with friends to the park as it turned out to be such a lovely day. The kids rode their bikes and scooters and then played football. We finished the day with yummy ice cream!

Day 272


Just a pottering around day for me and this little munchkin

Day 273


We took a little trip to the shops. Not something I usually do but it was nice to get out of the house,

Day 274


Another pottering day for us

Day 275


I wasn’t sure sweets before bed was a great idea, luckily the munchkin loves to sleep!

Day 276


We didn’t make it to baby group today. This little one fell asleep and I didn’t want to move him. He woke up in a great mood!

Day 277


Mr C was in a grand final with his amateur rugby league team. They won! Which was fantastic!

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