The Dinosaur that Pooped (Review)

I seem to spend quite a bit of my time asking the munchkin not to fart in her daddys direction and not to tell or laugh at poop jokes or just generally not to be silly about poo. In public anyway! She’s a cheeky little thing and finds anything pip-pop or poop related hilarious! What kids don’t?!

When the opportunity came up to review The Dinosaur that pooped books with Mumsnet, I jumped at the chance knowing it would score me some major cool mummy points. It had absolutely nothing to do with it being written by those lovely McFly boys, nothing at all! Knowing they’ve written a catchy song or two I really looked forward to seeing if the books they’d written were any good! I wasn’t disappointed.

We were sent The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet and the Dinosaur that Pooped the past. The munchkin has been learning about space at school and insisted on taking it in to show her class. The Dinosaur who Pooped the Past is the latest book in the series and introduces 3 mini characters, hopefully setting up the next story.


These books are brilliant! They tell the story of a little boy, Dans’, pet dinosaur who gobbles up everything around him, getting them in a sticky situation. He then has to, well, poop out everything he’s eaten in order to save the day!

The stories rhyme, which we always love to read and gave the story a really nice pace. The pictures are bright and colourful and really add to the tale, even the poo pics which they munchkin couldn’t stop giggling at! Before  the dinosaur poops the same line is in both books, which I thought was really clever for a series to tie them together, although the munchkin didn’t really notice!


More than anything these stories are silly, fun and very funny. They made us say eww a couple of time but they really made us giggle. The munchkin actually looked forward to reading them together again, sometimes she’s a little difficult when it comes to sitting and reading. She really enjoyed them and you can’t ask for much more than that from a kids book.


These would make a great addition to any child’s book collection, the munchkin now wants The Dinosaur who Pooped Christmas, I can’t wait to get it to read and if any more are released I’ll get those too. Both stories, although similar in plot, managed to stay diverse enough to keep the munchkin engaged.

Who better to tell you what they thought, than the munchkin herself:

We were lucky enough to be sent the books for review.

all words & opinions are our own.

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One thought on “The Dinosaur that Pooped (Review)

  1. My 7 year old got one of those books for Christmas – he got “The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas” and he loved it! I didn’t realise there was more in the series.
    May just have to get some of the others as the ‘grossness’ is right up his street! 😀

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