Morning Wins

The hour I leave myself between the alarm going off and the time we need to leave the house is the quickest hour in the day!

it’s also the most stressful!

Yes, I know that I could probably do with leaving myself a bit more time but I have a little rendezvous with my snooze button every morning that I just can’t give up.

It is the hour in the day where the munchkin runs on a complete go slow and miss places any listening and doing ability she usually possesses.

Usually I’m in work for 8:30 so the munchkin goes to breakfast club at school, she’s still going even though I’m on maternity leave, I didn’t want to disrupt her routine too much. It’s no easier now I don’t have to go to work & I now have the added complication of a 4 month old to deal with!

It’s the same rigmarole every morning, by the time we leave the house I’m like a coiled spring ready to explode.

What do kids have against brushing their teeth? Maybe it’s just mine, but oh my goodness I sound like a broken bloody record! ‘Brush your teeth,’ ‘Stop chewing the brush,’ ‘Stop watching the TV,’ ‘Please brush your teeth,’ ‘Have you not finished brushing your teeth yet?’ You get the picture.

Every so often a tiny miracle occurs, something happens to the munchkin during the night and she wakes up ready for the day which makes life that little bit easier.

I find myself nagging, rushing and stressing less. It’s only the little things. I’ll have got her uniform and bag ready before bed. We find her school tie and shoes straight away, I remember to put her water bottle in her school bag, the TV stays off, she gets dressed without me asking or after only 1 calm request,  we don’t fight over how she wants to wear her hair for school, I don’t have to ask quite so many times for her to brush her teeth, I get time to make a brew ’cause we’re ready with time to spare.

On good days I remember to give her something to eat before she leaves the house to put her on, the belVita breakfast biscuits are handy and tasty for something quick to eat, knowing she’ll get cereal and toast when she gets to school, she thinks she’s the bees knees when I let her have biscuits for breakfast.

There’s 3 new flavours we’ve been lucky enough to try, Hazelnut, Chocolate Chip and Apricot. We were like the 3 bears in our house with which one was our favourite. Mummy Bears favourite was apricot, Daddy liked hazelnut and the munchkins was of course chocolate chip! All 3 flavours were really tasty.

I know at some stage I really should give up my addiction to my snooze button, I know it would make mornings much easier, but really where’s the fun in that!



This post is an entry for #MorningWins Linky Challenge with Britmums

Sponsored by belVita Breakfast

We were lucky enough to receive some belVita Breakfast biscuits to try

All words & opinions on the biscuits are our own.

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

2 thoughts on “Morning Wins

  1. You are not alone with the brushing teeth stress. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  2. Oh this is SO me! Mornings are a tricky mix of multi-tasking, nagging, playing hunt-the-homework and nagging some more in our house – like you some days it comes together and I say a silent ‘thank you’ to whoever made the morning work but most days I’m frazzled by the time we step out of the front door! Fab post and those biscuits sound yum 🙂 (By the way #youvegotmail coming soon!)

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