Angel Delight Moments

Angel delight was a popular dessert in my house when I was growing up. My parents struggled for money, not that we were ever aware of it, so were always looking for teas and pudding that were cheap! Angel delight fit the bill, scrummy to taste and really rather reasonably priced. it was so ingrained in our family menu I can’t remember a particular moment or memory, I just know I like it.

It’s been years since I’ve had it and can’t quite believe I’ve never got it in for the munchkin to try. When the opportunity arose to try the new bubblegum flavour I jumped at the chance, knowing it was the perfect time for the munchkin to have a taste and maybe make some new memories with her.

Before the new flavour could arrive I went straight to the shop to buy some of my favourite flavour, strawberry. I had forgotten how quick and simple it was to make, the munchkin took the lead and did the majority of the measuring and making. She thought she was the bees knees making us all a treat!

Having Angel Delight as a kid is a different experience to having it as a parent! As a parent you realise you could, if you wanted, trick the kiddies into eating more fruit. I however decided as this was the munchkins first taste I’d add a flake!


Still as yummy as I remember!

The munchkin couldn’t wait for the bubblegum flavour to arrive, she’s become rather fond of bubblegum ice cream recently so was super excited! I decided that rather than make another pudding we would try a milkshake. The packet came with handy instructions on the back.


Another winner! I couldn’t help but try it and it was Yum!

I’m actually pleased we have Angel Delight back in our lives, I know we’ll be enjoying it for a good while to come!

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We were lucky enough to be sent some bubblegum Angel Delight to try, all words & opinions are of course our own.

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  1. You make some really interesting points in this post and isn’t it wonderful to introduce our children to things we enjoyed when we were little. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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