Splish Splash – Nuby Bath Toy Review

Both my kids love the bath! For the froglet it seems to be the most exciting part of his day! I think it’s the sense of freedom he gets, he loves having no clothes on, there is lots of splashing and we always end up soaked. For the munchkin she loves to play and has been known to ask to go into the bath just so she can play with the toys she has in there. She’s always completely wrinkled when she gets out.

When the opportunity came up to try out some Nuby bath toys I knew they would both love them, even if the Froglet still isn’t fully aware of what’s going on!

We were sent 4 toys. Letters and Numbers, Squirters, Stacking Cups and Kissy Fishys.


We usually put both kiddies in the bath together, excitement levels were at an all time high the day I said these could go in the bath!

The munchkin went straight for the letters, working out ways of how she could spell their names.


Luckily we chose short names for both the kids!

The Froglet loved the Splish Splash stacking cups! Each one had a different flow, he found it hilarious every time the munchkin tested out a new one! I know these cups will last for ages, when the froglet gets bigger he will certainly enjoy playing with them himself!


The Kissy Fishys were the munchkins least favourite, I’m not sure if she was a bit old for them. I like them, they were something I’d never seen before, very colourful and fun! It didn’t and hasn’t stopped her playing with them, she says she’s showing her brother but I’m not so sure!


The favourite with both kiddies was the squirters! They are extremely cute. As well as squirting everyone in sight, the froglet directly in the face and a fully clothed mummy & daddy, the munchkin spent ages playing with them, creating scenes, lining them up and having them talk to each other. The were certainly a great source of entertainment, fun and really got the munchkin using her imagination!


I was really impressed with the Nuby bath toys, they were bright, colourful, well designed and both the kids really enjoyed  playing with, which is really all that matters. I would recommend them, I think with Christmas coming up they would make a great stocking filler and really, you can never have too many toys for the bath! We received four toys to play with but there is a great choice on the Nuby website, I’ll definitely be buying some more to add to our collection!

We were sent the bath toys by Nuby for review – thank you very much

All words and opinions are of course our own

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11 thoughts on “Splish Splash – Nuby Bath Toy Review

  1. My boy loves bath time so I’ve loved your review. Those letters are so much prettier than the normal bath letters! #TriedTested

  2. We’re still convincing ours slowly that bath time is fun (she’s 3.5 months). It’s hit and miss right now! Maybe toys would help make it more entertaining … also on a side track notice you use a bath seat for your little one. We’re starting to think of moving ours out of her baby bath. How do you like the seat?

    1. I like the seat, it was his sisters 1st so she had it too, so they last. He seems to like it cause he gets to have a splash about and a little bit of freedom from being held in the water x

    1. The squirters have been a massive hit! As well as finding it hilarious soaking everyone, my little girl will play with them for ages!

  3. Bath time is definitely a favourite for all three of our children too! We’re always on the look out for new bath toys.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  4. Looks like a fun time in the bath. My boys still love having bath toys, but some need replacing as they get that horrible black stuff inside #triedtested

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