Lantern Magic

I’d been looking for something different to do with the munchkin in the run up to Christmas, something not too over commercialised but still magical!

I had heard about Lantern Magic at Chester Zoo on the radio, had a little look on-line for prices, times and things but decided it was an extra expense that wasn’t really needed. Then I saw a friend had been and the pictures just looked amazing so my mind was set, I really wanted to go!

So this chilly and drizzly Monday we set off on the little journey to Chester! We had a lovely time, despite the rain which luckily stayed off most of the evening. Thank goodness cause somebody, and I’m not mentioning any names Mr C, forgot the rain cover for the baby’s pram!

It wasn’t flawless and there were some things I expected to be different. For example, seeing Santa was just a quick picture rather than a conversation of what the child might want. Luckily the munchkin has been to a party and a church fair so has seen a Santa helper so she wasn’t bothered but if this was your only opportunity to see him I’m not sure it would have cut it!

On the whole the experience was well organised and there really is something rather wonderful about walking when it’s dark with lanterns and fairy lights leading the way! We had special glasses which made the lights look like bats, they work at home too! I even enjoyed the bat house, sort of, I wasn’t scared at all about one getting caught in my hair, honest!

To really get a feel for our evening have a watch of this little video. It made me feel all Christmassy for the first time!

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6 thoughts on “Lantern Magic

  1. Wow looks fab! I live right by Chester and still have not been to this, despite being members of the zoo for some time! Must go next year with the twins! Jess x #countrykids

  2. This looks like a fab day out Munchkin looks like she’s really enjoying walking around with her lantern. I’m glad that overall you enjoyed it even if there were moments when it could’ve been better. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

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