37 Weeks

I found this lurking in my draft folder. I though I would share it now, looking back at how I was feeling towards the end of my pregnancy.

So this will be my final pregnancy weekly update. I have reached my final week of pregnancy. At the beginning of Week 38 I will be induced, the next time I have time to write, the new addition will have arrived.

It’s been a really, really tough week physically. There is a very fine line between just feeling uncomfortable and being in pain. The munchkin has been away with my parents over half term, which I’ve been glad for. I have been good for nothing. I have struggled to stay awake during the day and have benefitted from the lie ins I’ve been able to have. The baby has felt very low and I have been feeling a lot of pressure. It’s been really difficult to do anything apart from lounge on the sofa, everything else has left me in complete agony.

On Wednesday I actually thought that was it, that I would have the baby. The thought of trying to get to Manchester in labour really had me stressing out. I wasn’t really in any pain, just the pressure and needing the toilet everytime I stood up. I really thought that if I coughed or sneezed my waters would go. I started having quite intense braxton hicks or contractions in the evening but they weren’t regular or anything that could be timed. It didn’t stop me worrying though.

The braxton hicks went into Thursday too, I really couldn’t get comfortable. Then I’m panicking about feeling him move around and whether his movements are the same as normal or not.

By the end of Thursday I was just fed up. I really didn’t feel like this at all when I was pregnant with the munchkin. I was induced at 38 weeks with her because I had pre-eclampsia, looking back I don’t think she was ready to arrive. This time round I know he’s ready to come at any time. It’s made me hesitant about going out of the house or going far away from home. Sitting on the sofa all day sent me a bit stir crazy which didn’t help the fed up feeling. I was just feeling very down and ready for the baby to be out.

We’re ready for baby at home now, although there’s still things that need doing they can probably wait. Bags are packed for hospital, the crib and the pram are ready, we got some baby bits we’d had stored out of the loft. We know the munchkin will be picked up from school and where she’ll be.

Mr C asked if I was excited, I think I’m more nervous. I’ve opted for a VBAC, all being well, so I still know that I have a few hours of pain to get through after being induced.

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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