Weekend Box – Review

Oh how I love me a weekend box!

Aka, boredom killer box. Aka, no screen time without the fight box. Aka, an hours peace and quiet box!

There was much excitement from the munchkin when the weekend box came through the letterbox. The packaging is bright and colourful and its immediately identifiable as something that is going to be fun! I’ll be honest, apart from the colourfulness, I was a little underwhelmed at 1st. The box was fairly thin and I was intrigued. It got me wondering how good the contents would be. Oh how wrong I was! It’s a tiny little treasure trove of activities!


There’s four characters, who we are introduced to.


Each character has an activity sheet and an envelope and its all colour coordinated to link to the character.


Each box has a theme and all of the activites relate to the theme. Ours was Aztecs. Eek! So exciting! The sheet explains the activity, with bits you need, tips and clear instructions. It also gives you a difficulty and time guide which I found really handy. I knew what I would be able to leave the munchkin alone to get on with & what I would need to help her with. The envelope has the bits you need to do the activity, sometimes you need extra bits, on the whole this was things like glue. The munchkin couldn’t wait to get started and really enjoyed every activity. Each was interesting, fun and in keeping with the theme. There’s stickers to add to each sheet when the activity is complete and the box can be turned into a certificate when all of them have been completed! Can you tell I loved this box! The munchkin, obviously the most important person to impress loved it too!

So if you look at the website you might be put off by the price of the box, £7.50. But if you break that down it only works out at £1.88 per activity and that is a bloody bargain!

Don’t take my word for it though, lovely readers, I have a magic code that gets you your 1st Weekend Box totally free of charge! Yes, you read that right. Free!

There’s really nothing stopping you trying it for yourself! All you have to do is visit https://www.weekendboxclub.com and enter the code BECKY216 before midnight on the 9th February. What are you waiting for?

We were sent the Weekend Box for free to try. All words and opinions are completely honest and all our own.

Free Weekend Box is for new customers to try and is 1 per household.

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