Week 7 in Pictures, Project 365 Days 39-45

PicMonkey Collage

8th – First time on a swing

9th – Super Smiles

10th – Just hanging around

11th – Waiting patiently for breakfast

12th – Nearly standing up

13th – Watching the Warriors (cheated a little as Mr C sent me this of him, the munchkin and my nephew. The munchkin insisted her dad take her to watch the game – her first rugby match, well apart from standing on a muddy field watching her daddy)

14th – Thomas the teddy dog gets a push

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

6 thoughts on “Week 7 in Pictures, Project 365 Days 39-45

  1. Minky never waits patiently for food, the second he is in his high chair he cries if the food does not appear, Dinky quite happy to wait.
    Lots of lovely smiles this week that’s for sure. Hope she enjoyed her first proper rugby game.
    Thank you for linking to Project 365 .

    1. We normally have whinging for food too, I was just lucky that day! She can’t wait to go again, although she was a little confused about the scoring 🙂

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