A to do list as long as my arm
I’ll get to
In a minute
I’ll have to make a start
In a minute
There’s washing to do
In a minute
Clothes to clean
In a minute
Pots to wash
In a minute
Dusting to do
In a minute
Food to cook
In a minute
Papers to file
In a minute
Things to put away
In a minute
Hoovering to do
In a minute
Floors to mop
In a minute

I’m distracted you see
For a minute
With the TV
Just a minute
Making a brew
Just a minute
Checking my phone
Just a minute
Watching this clip
Just a minute
Sending this tweet
Just a minute
Facebook Stalking
Just a minute
Reading this book
Just a minute
Eating this cake
Just a minute
Having a sit
Just a minute

At the end of the day
The minutes have gone
Turned into hours
Where’s the day gone
The list is still long
Nothings been done
I was wearing my crown as
Procrastinating Queen
Just for a minute


Prose for Thought

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

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