I bet you look good on the dance floor

Last weekend I was out out on a works do. It was a big celebration evening in a function room as many of us will be going in different directions from September. There was a seating plan, a nice dinner and then a disco afterwards. Are we still calling it a disco? There was dancing afterwards. It was a really lovely evening.

Now, I’m not a dancer by nature. Don’t get me wrong, I have been known to throw some serious shapes, me & my friend Caroline once did a truly amazing Zumba routine to Proud Mary at a wedding, but usually there’s a one in a million chance of my legs, upper body and arms coordinating for long enough for me not to look ever so slightly awkward. I love to people watch so to compensate I have perfected the chair dance, I don’t need to think about my legs and only have to move the top half, it’s in these situations I possess all of the rhythm!

There are however, times when I just need to get up to dance. It will usually be reflective of how much alcohol I’ve consumed and what song comes on. There are just some songs that I need to get up to dance to, no matter how un coordinated I’ll end up looking. This got me thinking, everyone must have a song, a song that drags them to the dance floor, almost against their will.

As I had that little thought I opened the question to the other non dancing people watchers I was sat with. I’m not sure how honest some their answers were as some of them had real fear in their eyes that I was going to request their song from the DJ. I wasn’t, I’m not that cruel, I was genuinely interested. As you can imagine there was a whole range of songs. From System of the Down, said by the man with fear in his eyes, Al Wilsons The Snake, Metallicas Enter the Sandman by my lovely colleague Sam who then couldn’t resist the call from Erasures A little Respect, Diana Ross, anything early nineties Madchester or Beck and Underworld.  Some people had more than one choice that would have them shuffling, dad dance style, to the dance floor.

I have a couple of songs that make me abandon my seated post and move my feet. Tiffany, Do you think we’re alone now, a classic if ever you hear one and Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen, obviously!

There’s also some songs that I dance with when I’m with my friends, who are normally already up dancing. Sweet Caroline, the aforementioned Proud Mary, anything from the dirty dancing soundtrack and a good old end of the night, lets all hug Hey Jude.

So tell me, what’s your song? Do you have one or are you like Mr C who proclaimed that there is nothing he could hear that would make him want to dance. Do you have just one where the music takes over and controls your feet or will you dance to anything the DJ plays?


Any excuse for a bit of Queen

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2 thoughts on “I bet you look good on the dance floor

  1. My friends hate it but i’m not afraid to say it’s The Nolans – I’m in the mood for dancing. I can do the moves & everything. I bet you’re hoping you never meet me at a DISCO! : )

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