Eight Photos of Happiness

Today is a good day and I’m thinking happy thoughts. Ages ago I was tagged in a post by Life with Baby Kicks to share Eight Photos of Happiness. As we’re experiencing a fairly happy day I thought it was about time I had a look and shared them. Many of you that know me will know that I take far too many pictures, so of course I had a lot to choose from. It was not easy picking only 8 photographs as so many bring back amazing memories I’ve shared with family and friends. I had to be very strict but now I’ve chosen my final 8. Hope you enjoy them.


A Foursome


This was the first picture of all four of us together. It was the Sunday after the froglet was born and the first day he was moved from NICU. I remember the physical feeling of relief. This was the day I truly understood what it felt for weight to be lifted from my shoulders.



This photo was taken on our honeymoon. We propped the camera on a glass on the table and set the timer, we got married before Selfie sticks were even thought of. We hadn’t know where we were going on our honeymoon until we turned up at the airport on the day we were flying. I had left the entire thing to my mum, I had enough to think about without worrying about that. She booked us the most amazing holiday to Thailand, we even flew first class. This photo brings back so many memories of our wedding, which was a great day and the fantastic time we had in the 2 weeks that followed.

‘But He’s so Cute!’


I nipped to the loo and asked the munchkin if she could watch the froglet, who wasn’t that mobile at the time this photo was taken. All I could hear was her telling him how cute he was in a baby voice. That’s nice I thought. Then when I walked back into the living room from behind the hood of her dolls pram peered a very happy baby brother! It just really reminds me of the affection the have for each other and how they are able to make each other smile.

Cheeky Face


These 2 are always guaranteed to make me laugh! I love this picture, most of the pictures of the 3 of us are selfies. I’m hoping that the kids will never take themselves too seriously and have the confidence to be able to laugh at themselves.

Just Hanging Around


This picture epitomises the relationship Mr C has with both of our kiddies. He gives them adventure and silliness which always leads to laughter.

Laughter is the best medicine


Mr C has always had a way of making me laugh. I’m not saying our relationship is perfect, we have hit really rocky patches when quite honestly we probably didn’t like each other at all. I remember him saying to me during one of those times, we just don’t laugh anymore. We had stopped laughing. With a lot of talking and hard work we got back to the laughter and now stronger than we’ve probably ever been, we will get through whatever the future holds with a smile and with a laugh. (I am aware I overused the word Laugh here)

We love Navy


Have you ever gone somewhere and only realise later on that the whole family was colour coordinated? Just us then! Another selfie! With these 3 nuggets by my side I can get through anything. Together we are stronger and anything, anything is possible.



‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain’

So these are my 8 photos of happiness. If you get round to sharing your 8 photos, tag me in so I can have a nosey.

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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

4 thoughts on “Eight Photos of Happiness

  1. Love this! So many parallels. We also went to Thailand for our honeymoon. Lush. Our boys are almost the same age and I too once caught the girls parading him in a toy pram! And that quote is sooooo lovely, one of my favs. Happy pics indeed 😘 x

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