We’re blessed with this journey.
No map or details to guide us.
The route is unknown but we’re all sure of the final destination.
Where we’ll end.
We’re left to navigate,
Find our own way.
We travel blindly, trusting the small steps we take will lead the way,
Follow the direction our head or hearts wish.
No journey is the same.
Each different, although paths may cross,
Run parallel for much of the journey or briefly pass.
There are bumps in all roads.
Obstacles, diversions, crossroads and junctions.
Giant pot holes,
That make us reevaluate, re route.
Choices are made, decisions come to.
Some for us, some by us,
Some good and some just downright shitty.
We adjust.
We keep moving forward.
The length of each journey is different.
The final resting place reached for some sooner rather than others.
The sooner always unjust.
With so much road still on the horizon.
We approach twists and turns at speed,
The adrenaline carrying us.
Blind bends with caution.
We pass milestones as we go.
Each time collecting the memory,
Storing it as fuel for the unavoidable turbulence.
Knowing the importance of these markers,
Their explosion of colour into consciousness,
Shines brightness and light,
When tunnels are dark.
These are the things make the journey worthwhile.
That indicate we are moving in the right direction.
That you are right to keep scrambling over the rubble blocking the way.
These are the things that make life,
This journey worthwhile.
So on your travel, look around, take in the view, breathe the air, send postcards, take wrong turns, learn.
Reach out, hold the hand of those sharing even the briefest part of the route.
Keep moving forward.
Love and laugh and live.
Always laugh.
This journey is ours.
Enjoy it. All of it.
Cherish the milestones.
It would be a shame to waste this ride.



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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

8 thoughts on “Milestone

  1. Love this Becky, such an important message, passionately expressed. I love the lines ‘We pass milestones as we go. / Each time collecting the memory’ and ‘So on your travel, look around, take in the view, breathe the air, send postcards, take wrong turns, learn.’ Uplifting. Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

  2. Wonderful words Becky – wishing you lots of beautiful views very soon. xxx #theprompt

  3. Beautiful, lovely Becky. We don’t know what may be around the corner, what life may throw at us next – your poem has a wonderful message xx #theprompt

  4. So lovely and so true. We have to embrace whatever we got, no matter how difficult that may be
    Thanks for sharing xx

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