Pinch me I must be dreaming!

I never dreamed I would ever be writing this post. A post about being shortlisted for a blogging award.

A blogging award!

I have to keep saying it, reading my blog name in the list, checking they’ve not removed it and this was all some kind of mistake, just to make sure it’s still true!

My little blog.

It’s hard to not be excited, shocked, overwhelmed, shocked and excited all at once, these happy feelings are keeping the dull panicky feeling that I may not actually be worthy at bay.

It’s something I was never, ever expecting! And I know it’s daft to say that because I cheekily asked my friends to nominate me. Breathed down Chris’ neck as I watched over his shoulder to make sure he was filling the form in right. Just in case on the off-chance I might be in the running somewhere. Never really believing that I would.

I used to joke that if there was an award ‘My friends really like it’ then I would be in with a shot. I know it’s down to them, friends new and old, that I find myself, my blog, now shortlisted for the BiBs Readers Choice Award. For a long time I’m pretty sure they were the only ones who read my ramblings.

My blog, my writing really is my diary. I write for me, to get everything that’s trying it’s best to cause me sleepless nights out of my brain. I write to keep friends and family updated on our lives. To share what makes me happy or laugh. To share good and bad times. I write because sometimes it’s hard to express how I’m feeling, to say it out loud, so I write.

I write because I love to.

And I hope you love to read.

I am in a tough category, there are some seriously amazing blogs I admire and love to read that I have been shortlisted with, I don’t think I will ever stop being overwhelmed about finding myself named alongside them.

If you like it here, I would love for you to click on this link BiBs2016Shortlist and then choose Diary of a Fat Bottomed Girl for the Readers Choice award.

You would be making a Fat Bottomed Girl very happy.


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30 something, married, mummy of one. Getting by on chocolate and laughter.

7 thoughts on “Pinch me I must be dreaming!

  1. So bloody deserved your writing is wonderful, you’ve managed to both laugh and cry at your posts and in much more of a cryer when watching car restoration (it’s good honestly!) ha ha needless to say voted and keeping fingers crossed xx

  2. A very huge well done!! Your blog is so heartfelt and honest and it must be helping so many people right now too. I hope you win your category. I will be voting for you x

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